Who’s afraid of a big bad recount?

Funny how everyone was concerned that Trump might not accept the results of the election, when all along it was Green Party candidate Jill Stein we had to worry about.

As you’ll know, Dr. Stein has been raising money to request recounts in the three mid-western states that propelled Trump to victory: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  The deadline for submitting a recount request in Wisconsin was 5pm last Friday, and Stein managed to lodger her petition there with 90 minutes to spare.  So there will definitely be a recount in Wisconsin.  Deadlines for challenging the results in Pennsylvania and Michigan are today and Wednesday, respectively.

The 2000 Florida recount was a formative experience for me and for many others of my generation.  Any mention of a recount brings up the spectre of hanging chads and divided Supreme Court decisions.  Despite the fact that the recount didn’t change the outcome of the election ... Read More

The day after the night before

Wow, what a surprising night. Going into the election results last night I expected what most people were expecting: the Conservatives to win the most votes, up a handful over Labour, but unable to form a government; and Labour and Ed Miliband limping into power on the back of a shaky supply and confidence agreement with the SNP.

Which would have been a disaster, regardless of what you think of Labour, Ed Miliband and the SNP, because it would not have been a stable government: every single vote in the House of Commons would have been subject to such horse trading that in this increasingly hyper-partisan world the only measures which would be able of mustering a majority would be precisely those bills which were so short-term and pandering that they should never have seen the light of day. What a relief, then, that instead we have a Conservative majority government.

Alongside ... Read More